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Use an EXOGEN ®  bone healing ultrasound machine daily for just 20 minutes and get back to your healthy self. Shop Now


Accelerate the healing of broken bones and repair of fractures that failed to heal on their own (non-union).


My wife broke her leg and our orthopaedic surgeon recommended we try the EXOGEN® bone healing system.  From our experience we couldn't recommend it more highly.

Treatment involves placing the ultrasound probe on your skin at the site of your injury, conveniently fastened by a retainer band. A bone growth stimulator is used at home by people who have either undergone surgery on a broken bone or conservative management and may be in a cast.

Use the ultrasound machine for only 20 minutes a day from a few weeks to several months, as indicated by your surgeon. The lightweight, portable EXOGEN® machine can be used at a time of day to suit you and can even be taken away on holiday.

EXOGEN® 4000+ Faster Bone Healing 38% faster for new breaks & 86% healing of non-unions.

Approved by both the United Kingdom NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). 

All rented EXOGEN® machines come with a strap to hold the ultrasonic transducer in position for the treatments. Some broken bones occur where it's not possible to wrap around eg. the collar bone (clavicle), and in these cases the EXOGEN® machine will require a weighted strap - please add to shopping cart if you require one. We ship within the UK and to all European countries.


 EXOGEN® is UK NICE (National Institute for Health & Care
Excellence) and USA FDA
(Food & Drug Administration) approved. Shop Now


How does low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) amplify natural bone healing?


The EXOGEN® 4000+ Bone Healing System uses low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to amplify natural bone healing in three ways:

Stimulation - EXOGEN®  sends ultrasound waves through skin and soft tissue to reach the site of the bone fracture.
Activation - The ultrasound waves activate certain cell receptors, setting off a series of reactions, referred to as a cascade.
Upregulation - EXOGEN®  ultrasound increases upregulation of the processes critical to bone repair.

EXOGEN® is the number one prescribed bone healing system in the world,

The EXOGEN®  machine uses safe, painless ultrasound waves.

For Non-union patients who have a stubborn break that is not healing and might otherwise require surgery then Ultrasound treatment can be a very welcome noninvasive treatment.

We have had many clients (from doctors to trialthletes, premiership footballers
& people from all walks of life) who have successfully used our machines to assist the healing of their fractures.

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Ultrasound bone healing machine rental 


We offer only EXOGEN® 4000 + units that are fully tested to be in working order.  Recommissioned to as new condition with original equipment quality parts.  We also include enough ultrasound coupling gel for the number of units you are renting for.

Full instruction pack included but it is so easy to use after one treatment you will be an expert.  Also look on YouTube for many examples and guides to using EXOGEN®.

Google EXOGEN® for much more information on how it works and its successes. EXOGEN® machines are used by sports people around the world to get them back to competition as quickly as possible.

The recommissioned EXOGEN® 4000+ is ready to give you 150 treatments which is typically required for a healing of a single bone fracture. If you have multiple broken bones you can treat each break separately, but obviously this will speed up the use of the available EXOGEN® 4000+ treatments. 

The EXOGEN® 4000+ has a built in feedback system to check it's working. The ultrasound frequency is beyond the range of human hearing or sense of touch.  The feedback system means that the EXOGEN® 4000+ only turns on successfully when it is mounted against skin with the coupling gel (included) correctly applied.


Faster Bone Healing
38% faster for new
breaks & 86% healing
of non-unions.

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Our rental EXOGEN® ultrasound machines are thoroughly cleaned & sanitised.


Each unit is cleaned and then sanitized. 
First we machine wash the carry case and the retainer band. The electronic unit, cord and ultrasound probe are cleaned with antibacterial cleaner. 

Then the two stage sanitization process includes:
1) The machines, accessories, and case are disinfected with SaniGuard (TM) spray.

SaniGuard® Surface Spray is the world’s first and only DRY-ON-CONTACT Spray Sanitizer & Deodorizer. SaniGuard sanitizing products are EPA registered, patented, and have been proven to kill 99.99% of Influenza and 39 other various germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses in mere seconds; including: MRSA, Ringworm, HIV, E-Coli, and Salmonella, Safe for food contact surfaces (no potable rinse required) and other non-porous surfaces including electronics! SaniGuard is used in Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing homes.

2) The EXOGEN®  machine, accessories, and case are placed in a UV sanitizing station machine.

The ultraviolet lights are used to sterilize the pieces in the same way as medical instruments in hospitals.  Each piece of is put through multiple cycles in the UV machine.  The result is sterilization of any microbiological contaminants from the irradiated surfaces.


Whether you have accidentally broken a bone or you have a stress fracture - use an EXOGEN® ultrasound machine & get back to your healthy self.   Shop Now