Our Delivery Details

The EXOGEN® machine is sent by Royal Mail, which is tracked, signed for and insured, to UK and European Union Countries. PLEASE CHOOSE £15 SHIPPING OPTION except for extensions to current rentals which are free, as there is no actual shipping required. We email you a dispatch note with tracking details.

Return of Exogen® Machine

Your rental begins the day you receive the EXOGEN® machine and we will send you a reminder to post it back on the day after you have completed your rental period, safely packaged, tracked, signed for and insured. 


When the EXOGEN® machine has been received by us and has been successfully checked over then the deposit will repaid.

Extension to Rental

For extension to your rental period please follow this link www.ultrasoundbonehealing.co.uk/shop/rental-of-exogen-4000-additional-month

I have health insurance cover can I claim the cost from them? 

The cost of a new single use EXOGEN® machine provided by EXOGEN® is over of £4000*. Your insurer may pay this, although you will probably need to pay an excess - contact your insurer for information. A new EXOGEN® machine although visually updated gives exactly the same treatment as the EXOGEN® 4000+ machine which we offer for rent - as that treatment is what the FCA and NICE have approved. The excess for a new EXOGEN® machine maybe more than the cost of our rental EXOGEN® machines. A new EXOGEN® machine is disposable as it stops working after a single course of treatments.
* information published in NICE guidance information.

The units we rent (Exogen® 4000+) do have unlimited usage over the rental period and they have the standard treatment time which is 20 minutes.  They do not need a treatment card - see details below. 

More Details About The Exogen® 4000+ Machine We Offer For Rental

  • Exogen® 4000+ is not the latest model from Exogen® but it uses the same FCA approved ultrasound bone healing technology as the latest Exogen® model.  

  • The big difference between the latest Exogen® model and the Exogen® 4000+ model we offer for rental is that our model can be reconditioned to as new condition and does not require a memory/treatment card.  

  • Exogen® (originally made by Smith & Nephew and now made by Bioventus LLC) ultrasound bone healing devices seem to have always been sold as single treatment/user only.  Rather like a course of antibiotics where you take all the antibiotic medicine prescribed just for you.  So from the earliest Exogen® 2000 through to the Exogen® 4000 + and then to the latest model, Exogen® expected the patient to dispose of the ultrasound healing device when they were better or when the Exogen® model ran out of treatments.  

  • The earlier Exogen® 2000 and 4000+ are re-usable when reconditioned with the correct expertise to as new condition. We rent out the Exogen® 4000+ machines.

  • The latest Exogen® model's usage life is based on having a memory card with a reducing number of remaining treatments. The machine will no longer work when the treatments are used up on the removable memory card. 

  • The Exogen® company can be approached for a new memory card with available treatments but the cost will be in excess of our rental charge rates .