Using Exogen®

Treatment involves placing the ultrasound probe on your skin at the site of your injury conveniently fastened by a retainer band. Your consultant can advise you exactly where the ultrasound disc should be placed during your ultrasound treatment (in my case it was marked with a felt tip X). Ultrasound gel is provided in your rental pack, and is applied (a blob the size of a 1 pence piece uk or 2 cents europe) onto the ultrasound probe (also called a transducer) before placing against the skin.

There is a battery pack inside the Exogen® which will last 5 months - so no need to recharge.

The video clip below gives an excellent tutorial on how to use an Exogen®  machine.

Use the ultrasound machine for only 20 minutes a day from a few weeks to several months, as indicated by your surgeon. The lightweight, portable EXOGEN® machine can be used at a time of day to suit you and can even be taken away on holiday.

EXOGEN® 4000+ Faster Bone Healing 38% faster for new breaks & 86% healing of non-unions.

Approved by both the United Kingdom NICE & the United States FDA. 

All rented EXOGEN® machines come with a strap to hold the ultrasonic transducer in position for the treatments. Some broken bones occur where it's not possible to wrap around eg. the collar bone (clavicle), and in these cases the EXOGEN® machine will require a weighted strap - please add to shopping cart if you require one. 

As long as the fracture is stable and the fracture gap is no more than 10mm, the Exogen® machine is an option in all cases for use by persons that are 18 years or older and skeletally mature, excluding skull and spine (vertebra) fractures.