Rental Terms


The EXOGEN® machine is sent tracked and signed for - the term of rental only starts when you receive it.

The rental period is in calendar months so for example a 3 month rental received on 10th June should be sent back to us on the 11th September tracked and signed for.  This ensures that you get 3 full month of use of the EXOGEN® machine .

When the EXOGEN® machine has been received by us and has been successfully checked over then the deposit will repaid.

If you need to extend your rental period please contact us.

The recommended treatment frequency is a single 20 minutes treatment per day.  The EXOGEN® rented is capable of completing the rentable period if used for 20 minutes a day.  However if the EXOGEN® is used more than once a day it may not fully complete the rental period.

The EXOGEN® machine has a counter that shows how many full and partial treatments have taken place.

If multiple breaks require multiple treatments per day, then to ensure the EXOGEN® will complete the period of rental it is recommended that multiple EXOGEN® machines are rented - a discount of 10% for any additional machines rented is offered.